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    We have detailed information of HDB units, Landed Properties and Commercial Offices. All you need to do is:

    Set your budget ($880 / $1280 / $1480 / $2180 / $3580)

    Choose your target demographic

    Email to (or)

    WhatsApp to +65 97398709

    Have you been cheated before?

    Many of our clients have been telling us that 
    it is difficult to find an honest flyer distribution company that they could trust in Singapore.

    Why you can trust us

    We are transparent about how we operate our AdMail business. Do no waste your money on non-trusted flyer distribution companies. Serving more than 300 regular repeated customers for 13 years, we know what works and what doesn’t.

    Labour Cost

    We have to spend about $50-$80 for every 1000 sets to get a full-time reliable postman to distribute

    Distribution Method

    It's not possible for distribution companies to distribute 100% at a lower cost if they do not have other flyers to tag-along

    Client Base

    We have 200 to 300 regular clients who run their flyer distribution campaigns every week


    Strong client base gives us an advantage to have enough flyers every week to combine your flyers with others' to minimize cost

    No Conflict

    We ensure no other similar flyers of your products / services are distributed at one-go


    We provide distribution progress report every day via WhatsApp

    What we do

    Design & Print

    We specialize in bulk offset printing of the flyers at a competitive price and faster turnaround time


    We provide AdMail distribution services for HDB (Door-to-Door), Landed Properties and Commercial Offices

    SingPost Service

    We can also deliver your flyers to Condominium letterboxes via SingPost AdMail service

    Type of Distribution

    Depending on your products / services and marketing goals, we can assist to target the right demographics to achieve the best result

    HDB (Door to Door)

    HDB (Door to Door)

    Total: 1,131,000+ Units

    • General residential demographics
    • Able to target 4/5 rooms units for better response
    • BTO for young couples and parents with small kids
    • Detailed statistics of unit info such as rooms, year built, floor etc. available
    Landed Properties

    Landed Properties

    Total: 78,460+ Units

    • Wealthier residents
    • Higher purchasing power
    • Likely to take action quicker
    Commercial Units

    Commercial Units

    Total: 162,450+ Units

    • Market relevancy (e.g. office equipment, retail software, etc.)
    • Industry specific targeting
    • B2B marketing


    Total: 235,850+ Units

    • Higher income residents
    • Only SingPost can distribute
    • Administrative fee chargeable for lodgment with SingPost

    Instant Online Quotation System

    Click HERE to select the distribution areas by first 2-digits of the postal code and estimate your cost immediately.

    Note: Minimum order is 10,000 copies. System generated quotations are subject to Citypost’s approval. Condominium distribution cost is for estimation only and subject to Singpost’s approval. Service fee is applicable for us to arrange the lodgment with Singpost. For mixed distribution/custom selection of blocks, we recommend you to choose the bundle packages below.

    Bundle Offers

    (Printing + Distribution)

    Still cannot decide? Here is the list of bundles to suit your budget.

    (Just let us know your products / services and your target demographics. We will make selection for you and plan accordingly)

    Bundle A

    $ 880
    • 10,000 copies
    • A5 / 128gsm paper
    • HDB Door to Door - (1 Cluster)
    • Add $200 for A4 size
    • Add $200 for up to 3 Clusters
    • Add $200 for additional distribution type – Landed/Commercial/MRT

    Bundle B

    $ 1280
    • 15,000 copies
    • A5 / 128gsm paper
    • 12K copies to HDB - (2 Clusters)
    • 3K copies to Landed, Commercial or MRT (any 2) types
    • Add $200 for A4 size
    • Add $200 for 3 to 4 distribution types

    Bundle C

    $ 1480
    • 20,000 copies
    • A5 / 128gsm paper
    • 16K copies to HDB - (2 Clusters)
    • 4K copies to Landed, Commercial or MRT (any 2 types)
    • Add $400 for A4 size
    • Add $300 for 3 to 4 distribution types

    Bundle D

    $ 2180
    • 30,000 copies
    • A5 / 128gsm paper
    • 25K copies to HDB - (2-3 Clusters)
    • 5K copies to Landed, Commercial or MRT (any 2 types)
    • Add $600 for A4 size
    • Add $400 for 3 to 4 distribution types

    Bundle E

    $ 3580
    • 50,000 copies
    • A5 / 128gsm paper
    • 35K copies to HDB - (2 Clusters)
    • 15K copies to Landed, Commercial or MRT (any 2 types)
    • Add $900 for A4 size
    • Add $500 for 3 to 4 distribution types

    Our Pricing

    Here is our standard distribution charges (weight of 10 gram or below)

    Lead time : 2 – 4 weeks

    Our Office

    Business Hours : 8:00am – 5:30pm

    (Mon to Sat)

    Visiting Hours : 8:00am – 12:00nn

    (by appointment only)

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