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1 We are one of the best in distribution services in Singapore providing reliable and honest services. Our Clients have seen results and so will you!
2Reasonable Cost: We charge our client very reasonable rates by using our tag-along distribution technique.
3 Distribution Strategy: Our satisfied clients are distributing their promotional flyers and discount materials weekly or monthly and their businesses have increased by 50%.

Information Required for Quotation

1 What is your PRODUCT/SERVICE?
(Tag-Along Distribution)
2 Who is your TARGET AUDIENCE?
(Eg. Working Adult/ Family/ Student)
3 What is the SIZE/TYPE of your Flyers?
(Eg. A4 or A5 and Type of Paper)
4 What type of DISTRIBUTION required?
(Eg. HDB/Landed Property/Commercial Offices/Condominium)
5 When and where you wish your Flyer to be DISTRIBUTED?
(Eg. Date & Place)

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REAL Flyers Distribution Works

Strategic Flyer Distribution and Printing

To Our Valued Customer


  • We do not use work permit holders from other trades or illegal workers from neighboring countries of Singapore on social visit passes.
  • We abide by the Law and our Distributors are Singaporean or PRs working full time with our company.
  • We have at least 100 regular clients on a monthly basis with a distribution of more than 100,000 pcs of flyers per month per client.
  • We cover 3 / 4 / 5 Room / EC HDB flats, and all BTO Flats where family have better purchasing power.
  • We do only HDB Distribution.
  • We also distribute at landed properties and commercial offices in the Letter Boxes
  • Distribution at MRT and walkway are also available
  • We aim to establish long term partnership with all our clients with our Strategic Flyer Distribution and Printing.

Why are our prices reasonable?

We are able to offer our client very reasonable rates by using our tag-along distribution technique. This means, not only will you save cost, but your flyers will also be distributed on time.

Upon art work approval, local printing (in Singapore) takes only one to two working days.

Put your Brand in the Home/Office

Flyer Genius • Hangers Expert
Design • Print • Distribute

Wisdom Advice: The longer your advertisement can be kept by the receiver, the greater chance your receiver will turn into your customer one day.

Fact: Many times you find your own advertisement in the nearby junk mail letter box, or dustbin, regardless of how appealing your content may be. Our innovative door hanger will lure your receiver to retain your advertisement, this will increase the chances of conversion, thus increase your sales volume.

3 out of 10 House/Offices will keep your flyers.
Put your Brands the House/Office.